Make changes to 15 git repositories all at once

  • Utvikling

I needed to update the CODEOWNERS file for our the git repositories my team owns. Instead of going through each one and doing the same change over and over I knew that this could be automated. For this I used these two tools Mani and Github CLI

🏗️ Setup repositories

# Setup repositories for mani
mkdir ~/posten/team-repoes
cd ~/posten/team-repoes

mani init
code mani.yaml

The mani config file needs to know about my repositories in it’s config file, looking something like this:

    url: you have added your team name as a topic to your repositories you can get them as a list using the github cli as so

Instead of manually typing them I used the Github CLI to fetch the names, and then using some multi cursor editing I quickly created the config file

gh repo list bring --topic notifications-open-tracking --json name

Then I used mani sync to get it clone all the repositories.

📝 Make the change

My change was quite simple, so I just created the correct file I wanted and then for each repository I copied it over.

code CODEOWNERS # Edit the file the way you want it to be
mani exec --all "mkdir -p ./github && cp ../CODEOWNERS .github"

🚀 Commit, push, and make PR’s

mani exec --all 'git switch -c update-codeowners'
mani exec --all 'git add .github/CODEOWNERS'
mani exec --all 'git commit -m "update CODEOWNERS file"'
mani exec --all 'git push --set-upstream origin update-codeowners'

# Finally open the PR's with the approriate reviewers
mani exec --all 'gh pr create --fill --reviewer bring/notifications-open-tracking'

Note: You might need to run the last command a few times, as the github api rate limits how many PR’s you can create